Our Brands


Our brand for customizing your own guitar picks with images and text.

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NFC Guitar Picks

After developing we introduce our new product. NFC Guitar Picks. It’s a integrated NFC-chip within the picks.

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ECO Picks

These guitar picks are made from Polylactic (Lactic Acid) and Wheat Straw (Vegetable Fiber). .

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Our international brand for printing custom guitar picks. This brand is used all over the world.

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Let’s Connect

Do you want more information about our brands or do you have a question? Please email us and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Our offices

The Netherlands

Terheijden – Noord Brabant

Bredaseweg 65
4844CK – Terheijden


+31 162 700 566


VAT: NL8590.33.624.B01
CIF: 72217774

Postal Address

Bredaseweg 65
4844CK – Terheijden
The Netherlands

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