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At DutchPicks®, our passion for music knows no borders. From the historic canals of The Netherlands to the bustling streets of New York, our legacy of crafting personalized guitar picks resonates with guitarists worldwide. Let’s take a journey across the countries where our custom picks strike a chord:

In the land of artistic flair and timeless elegance, our custom picks have found a special place. From the romantic tunes played on the Seine’s banks to the spirited rhythms of Marseille, French guitarists love adding a personal touch to their melodies with DutchPicks®.

From Berlin’s avant-garde music scenes to Munich’s traditional melodies, German guitarists cherish the precision and uniqueness of our custom guitar picks, turning every strum into an authentic expression of self.

United Kingdom
From the rock legends of London to the folk tales of Scotland, the UK’s rich musical tapestry has embraced the distinctiveness of DutchPicks®. Our custom picks have become a staple for British guitarists seeking individuality in every note.

In a country where the guitar is almost synonymous with culture, our custom picks bring a contemporary twist to traditional Flamenco and modern Spanish pop alike, letting artists across Spain play with passion and personality.

The soulful sounds of Italian music have found a companion in DutchPicks®. From Milan’s modern beats to Rome’s timeless ballads, Italian guitarists love crafting their narrative with our personalized picks.

Across the vast landscape of the USA, from the jazz clubs of New Orleans to the country roads of Nashville, American guitarists have discovered the joy of personalizing their sound with DutchPicks®.

Blending the old-world charm of Vienna’s classical tunes with modern Austrian pop, our custom picks have found a harmonious home amidst the Alpine melodies, adding a touch of personal flair to every performance.

Amidst the Northern Lights and the contemporary pop scene, Swedish guitarists have found a way to express their individuality and artistry through DutchPicks®. Our custom picks resonate deeply in the heart of Scandinavian music.

From the fjords to the bustling streets of Oslo, Norwegian guitarists have embraced the DutchPicks® tradition, making every performance a reflection of their unique journey through our custom picks.

In the land of midnight sun and enchanting folklore, Finnish guitarists treasure the ability to make a personal statement. With DutchPicks®, every strum becomes a story, echoing the rich tapestry of Finland’s musical heritage.

Join the Global Melody

Wherever you are, from the snow-capped peaks of Norway to the sun-kissed coasts of Spain, DutchPicks® invites you to craft your sound, to make your mark. Discover the joy of personalizing your music, of weaving your narrative into every note. 

Welcome to the global family of DutchPicks®.

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